In den letzten zwei Wochen hat mich meine Familie besucht. Es war eine wunderschöne Zeit mit meiner Mama, meiner Schwester, meinem Bruder und der Freundin meines Bruders. Am Anfang waren wir 4 Tage in Madrid, danach 7 Tage in Granada und zum Schluss noch 5 Tage in Málaga. In Madrid war ich das erste Mal und der Eindruck nach 4… Read more →

Granada Bedtime

Hello everyone. The last days I have been sick. Pretty much since I flew back to Spain (the 6th of January) I have been sick, lying in bed. I really couldn’t do anything except trying to sleep. I am glad I went to the doctor in the end, just to get some pills against my pain. They don’t help to… Read more →

57 years apart

I have no idea why I was watching this video in the first hand. But I am glad I did, it’s a well made video. I like the way they shot and all the information they’re giving. Of course I knew most of the said things before. Hearing it again to make me realize what we have when we are… Read more →


I have seen some Blogs about Psychology by now, but I have never really been satisfied. The reasons were the wrong choice of topics and the lack of references. Then I came across PsyBlog which meets my demands completely. PsyBlog describes itself as “scientific research into how the mind works”. The topics are interesting, well investigated and always referenced to… Read more →

Pokémon Go

Heute habe ich Level 30 bei Pokémon Go erreicht, mein persönliches Ziel. Gerade in den letzten Wochen, mit den Pokémon Go Events, habe ich wieder mehr gespielt. Zu Halloween waren überall Geist-Pokémon und eine Woche später gab es vermehrt Pokémon zu fangen, sowie mehr Items an PokéStops. Für alle, die mit Pokémon nichts am Hut haben, die können den Rest… Read more →

Rio Genil, Granada

Universidad de Granada (I)

Hello my friends. Today I would like to write my first post about the university in Granada. The special occasion is my last weeks work. I had to do a big practical project which took me exactly 5 days working from dawn to dusk. It was exhausting and at the same time nice to do. I did everything in Spanish… Read more →

Granada from the Alhambra

I will move again

Hello my friends. There happened a lot in the past few weeks. I started university, got to know a lot of people, went to Málaga and had 2 friends from Germany come by and say hello. Susanne, who I met at my university in Darmstadt, stayed for one week and Marlene, an old friend from Hamburg, was here for 3… Read more →

Found a room

Today I went to visit one flat and it was great. I will move in tomorrow first thing. The price is ok, especially for the great flat. My room isn’t that big, but the flat is really new. It has been renovated in May with a floor heating and air conditioner. Both integrated in one system. In winter warm water… Read more →